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If you want to make your best pal feel that special kind of way, you must focus on the types of dog beds that it needs.

In particular, it’s hard to find the right dog bed for large dogs because they’re at a greater threat against hip dysplasia, arthritis, aching joints, fatigue, and more.

It’s crucial for your big pup’s comfort and health that you make the right selection from the many dog beds found online.

How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog?

Every dog is different in its shape, size and preferences. Here, we discuss the key things to take into account when deciding on the best one for yours:

1.      The Size of Your Dog

Before making your purchases, make sure that the bed you like is the right size for your dog. Start by measuring the height and length of your dog in order to get a size idea.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the way it lays or sleeps. Getting a bed exactly according to the measurements is a terrible idea because it would neither give your dog room to stretch, nor to switch positions.

Pro Tip* Buy a bed that’s a little bit larger than your dog, but not too big!

2.      The Sleeping Habits of your Dog

Next crucial thing to keep in mind is the sleeping pattern of your dog. Take a day or two to observe the way your dog sleeps – does it curl up when it sleeps or sprawl out? The way your dog likes to sleep is a major factor to keep in mind for buying the best of dog beds for it.

Pro Tip* If your dog curls up into a ball of fluff, then a round shaped dog bed is the perfect choice for it. On the other hand, if it likes to stretch out, then consider a rectangular bed!

3.      The Surface Your Dog Likes To Sleep On

Since every dog is different, their preferences are different as well. Some like to sleep on fluffy while others prefer fabric based surfaces. Once again, the best way to decide is to observe their habits!

For instance, if you find your dog sleeping on a furry carpet/ mat, they’re likely to prefer a cozy and soft base. In case your dog sleeps on your blanket or bed, they’d like a fabric base.

Pro Tip* Always get what your dog likes – it’ll guarantee their comfort!

When buying dog beds, also keep in mind your climate conditions, whether your dog is an indoor or outdoor pet and etc. Just by analyzing your dog’s sleeping or relaxing habits, you’ll know which type of a dog bed will be perfect for them!

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