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Shopping clothes for your sweet little Chihuahua can be a fun, but an equally daunting experience as well. Every dog owner is tempted by sweet, adorable looking outfits and accessories at the first sight, especially those that come in the perfect combination of adorable and durable.

Here are some of the common, yet attractive looking clothing accessories that you can consider buying specifically for your Chihuahua pet dog for winter/fall season.

Cool-looking hoodies

Apparently, cotton-poly blend hoodies will be the most exciting start, also when the hoodies are stylish, classic, easily washable and can been seen shelved in a plethora of colors.

Hoodies are particularly worn in winter, and dogs like chihuahuas and yorkies simply love these. Ask your pet of their beloved color and try to buy the right fit and top-quality material, and see how your dog starts having the most exciting winter adventure.

Fluffy sweaters

Easily, one of the best clothes to protect your chihuahua from harsh winter temperaturesand obvious discomfort in playing openly. Any acrylic sweater can be seen in different varieties, from completely ugly sweater to something more versatile. Furthermore, look if the sweater has a leash or harness hole for easy movement of your chihuahua from outdoor to indoor sports.

Normally, a size S sweater will fit perfectly for a 4-5 lbs. chihuahua. The turtle-neck of this moderate-sized sweater will neither be too bulky, nor too tight and the small arm holes keep your pet’s tiny behind intact.

Cozy vests

One of the best things about vests, these are warm and fashionable at the same time. Obviously, dog owners want to protect their chihuahuas from harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean you have to make your dog look all old and dull in the streets.

Any little jacket from a nice brand can be a good buy, easily washable and with an amazing design honing your chihuahua’s good looks even further.

Swaggy sunglasses

Obviously, not literally, but awesome-looking sunglasses on your chihuahuas is all you need to fire up the heat on the streets. On a serious note, sunglasses will also protect your dog from UV rays without asking them to not show off their flirty gazes.

Stylish boots

Of course, a swag dog apparel can never be complete without including a pair of crazy looking boots for a chihuahua. Again, you need to protect your dog from seeping in cold from his paws by wearing him a nice pair of strong boots.

These skid-free paw protectors doesn’t burden your pet dog with a considerable weight or discomfort during walking, playing or even running. Boots of all sizes can be found in stores as per the dog’s size and preference.

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