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Buying clothes for your dog can be an exciting affair. It is quite similar to buying clothes for yourself. Dog apparels have over the years become quite popular as they allow your dog to be quite fashionable and more importantly protect them from the different weather hazards. You should ensure that the clothing which you choose for your dog makes it feel comfortable and active. It is advisable to take care of the protective side first and then go for the fashionable options. With a wide variety of options available to buy dog apparel these days, making a choice can be a tedious proposition.

To make this task simpler for you below we share top tips that will help you buy the best apparel for your dog.

To make this task simpler for you below we share top tips that will help you buy the best apparel for your dog.

Choose the Right Fabric

It is always advisable to go for fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and of the highest quality. Popular choices include cotton, fleece, knits, and various blends. Fabrics which are made of high quality will give the needed comfort to your dog and will definitely last longer. Out of all the fabrics which are available out there going for 100% cotton will ensure your dog stays comfortable all day long. Never go for a fabric that would lead to irritation and make your dog uncomfortable.

Choose the Right Size

Dog apparels are available in different sizes therefore it becomes crucial that you pick the right size. The apparel that you choose for your dog should fit it well. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. So before you begin picking up the correct size for your dog, it is essential that you take the measurements of your dog first. Never compromise on the size, as clothes that are too loose will make your dog uncomfortable while the ones which are too tight will make them suffocated.

Choose Your Budget

Setting a budget before you go shopping for your dog’s apparel will be really helpful. This will enable you to filter out the options on the basis of your budget. Also, with the wide variety of apparel options available out there you can pick out all the options that fall into your budget range. You should never fall for the flashy fashionable options as they might end up being of low quality. Rather you should buy dog apparel that does not burden your pocket and provides a value for your money.

Go For Comfort

Comfort is the most important factor that you need to consider while choosing apparel for your dog. If you feel that apparel will make your dog feel uncomfortable it is always advisable not to buy it. Better to go for an outfit that can be easily worn and removed. Certain apparels have a few embellishments that might make your dog feel uncomfortable. Avoid this type of clothing and go for comfortable alternatives.

The Safety Factor

Buying apparels for your dog is quite similar to buying clothes for babies. Therefore, you need to be really careful about certain embellishments like buttons, bows, studs etc. that can be a choking hazard. Another thing that should be avoided in the clothing is zippers as they are not quite safe. Rather, when you buy dog apparel, it is better to go for ones with Velcro. These are easy to fasten reducing any chances of your dog getting injured.

Look for Utility

While picking up apparels for your dog, go for those that suit the weather where you live. If you live in cold weather conditions go for clothes that will keep your dog cosy and warm. However, for hot weather, Tshirt along with scarves are the best options. Buying apparels based on the current weather conditions will ensure that your dog stays comfortable all day long.

Buy Machine Washable Apparel

Dogs often get dirty and wet and so will their clothes. Machine washable clothes will ensure that you can get them cleaned just by throwing them in the washing machine. However, it can get problematic for you if the clothes are not machine washable. Also, make sure the fabric doesn’t shrink and is able to stand repeated washings.

Summing Up

All the above mentioned tips will help you to easily buy dog apparel that will be totally suitable for your dog. Your dog will not just look great but will also stay safe and protected from any sort of weather hazards. Also, it is advisable not to fall for the luring deals offered by the various websites online that offer cheap quality dog apparels at low discounted prices. Have a look at the wide range of apparel options available at DoggySwag Shop. The best part is you can get these amazing apparels at great discounts without compromising on the quality.

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