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Every owner wants to be his dog’s favorite. What dogs really look forward to is the socialization, positive association, attention, and personality traits before naming you as his/her favorite. This is where we learn more about what it takes to become the most favorite person for your furry friend.

Often we see that not every dog owner is the best person for his dog, but any other family member might acquire that status, even if that person was not the one who raised, fed, and nurtured him. In other words, being a dog owner doesn’t necessarily make you his primary caregiver.

Yes, every breed is different, but there are some general principles that matters on how dogs select their best person.

Socialization matters

Most dogs create the strongest bonds with whoever looks after them during the vital socialization phase, i.e., from birth to the first six months. In this phase the pups are quite receptive in nature, and the social experiences built during this phase sets the tone for the rest of their lives.

This is why dog owners are advised to create and facilitate positive interactions for their pets with respect to people, things, and places.

For example, dogs who aren’t exposed to other dogs wearing stylish dog jumpsuits will perceive them as unusual and somewhat annoying later in life. In case you purchase or adopt a dog who is more than 6 months old, you’ll struggle to understand his socialization experiences ingrained in his brain.

However, if you see than that the dog is more comfortable around men with certain character, voice tone, and overall vibes, you can conclude what you need to do to lure the dog’s attention to you.

Attention enhances the bond

Not being the primary caregiver doesn’t mean that your dog will never be truly yours, but a proper attention to your pet is a strong bond builder, just like how we humans operate.

In short, dogs will bond more strongly the more attention you’ll give to him.

For example, it’ll be easier for you to become your pet’s favorite person if you fill his bowl with food and take him out for a short walk every morning.

Furthermore, physical affection cements the bond between you and your pet. If you are a stand-off type person towards a dog, expect the same reaction from the dog as well. But if you give your dog plenty of massage and grooming sessions, feed personally, shower with hugs, etc., they’ll likely crave for more.

Positive association is vital

Besides attention, dogs prefer people with on positive associations. Putting it simply, if you’re a person of positive sources and associations, your dog is inclined to form a powerful bond with you.

From various other activities apart, feeding them with your own hand makes you a noticeable significance in their lives.

On the other hand, any dog will react rather distressingly and half-heartedly to people displaying bad or unhealthy associations.

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