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Dressing up dogs is no longer news. From casual wears to sophisticated outfits, many dog owners have taken canine fashion to an impressive all-time high.

As exciting as it would be to give your dog the swag it deserves, there are guidelines you need to follow for the safety and comfort of your beloved “man’s best friend”.

Overall, you have to consider two things before dressing up your dog. These two factors are:

  • Comfort
  • Safety

It pretty much comes down to asking yourself a few questions on comfort and safety for your beloved doggy friend.


Will my dog walk around easily wearing these clothes?

Could this shirt possibly choke my dogif I am not watching?

Do the clothes cover my dogs nostrils hence interfere with breathing?


If you have satisfactorily answered these questions, you are ready to follow the guide. And here we go

Best Practices for Dressing Up Your Pet

Follow this order:

  1. Prepare Your Dog for Clothes

Dogs aren’t humans who see clothes as normal things. Clothes are strange to dogs, hence you must take your time to get them mentally ready for clothes. For instance, you could introduce other clothed dogs to yours so it gets to see how beautiful it would become when clothed. Also allow it some time to play around with some clothes. This allows it to familiarize and get comfortable with clothes.

  1. Introduce the Clothes Gradually

It is not wise to suddenly grab your dog and try fitting it into a custom tuxedo and tie – a dog that has never worn any piece of clothing before! Not only will you succeed in getting the dog alarmed, you will also create chaos in the house when it begins to revolt against the strange material on its body.

So do it gradually. First of all, allow your dog to sniff the fabrics. Place the cloth on the dog for a while. Let it lie on the cloth or play with it. You can also put the cloth in your dog’s house.

After the dog has familiarized with the cloth over a couple of days; you may proceed with dressing it in that same cloth.

  1. Start With Simple Outfits

A dog that has never worn any clothes will be more receptive to tiny, lightweight pieces of fabrics than a complete costume.  So start off with a small collar or a festive bandana.

If your dog accepts these simple fabrics, gradually introduce even more sophisticated ones; again observing your dog’s body language. If it’s excited, carry on. But if your dog’s ears fall or you observe a gloom look, it’s probably a sign that you should remove excess clothes.

  1. Know the Limits

It is true you want your dog to have that iconic swag that distinguishes it from every other dog in the hood. Your dog might even love the celebrity attention it gets from strangers every time you give it some swag, but this does not in any way mean your dog should not have a “no shirt period”

Let your dog run around the house without clothes sometimes. Periodically, allow your canine friend to experience the bliss of a cool evening breeze on its hot fur.

In a Nutshell

This is pretty much the basics of what you need to know about dressing up a dog. Prepare your dog mentally and physically for the new experience. Gradually introduce clothes from the simplest fabrics to the most sophisticated costumes – always observing your dog’s reaction.


We wish you a happy doggy swagging!

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