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As humans, we can’t imagine ourselves stepping outside our homes without shoes. There’s no denying to the fact that for the protection of our feet and comfort shoes are very necessary. Not just adults, but even human babies wear adorable shoes or little booties. But, in the case of dogs, this is not normal, as they usually don’t wear shoes when going out.

If you too want to get the answer if you should get those stylish printed dog shoes you just saw online for your dog or not, then this blog is for you. Here you can find out what’s best for your dog – shoes or no shoes. Let’s start.

  1. First, you need to understand your dog paws: As a dog owner, you should take some time and try to understand how sensitive the paws of your dog are. Dog paws have an extra cushioning in order to protect the joints and bones from any shock and to provide insulation against extreme temperatures. They also help him in walking on any rough surface and even offer protection to the tissues deep within the paws. Any dog owner must check the paws of their dogs on a regular basis and ensure that they are infection-free and foreign objects like glass and rock aren’t stuck.
    Usually, there isn’t much difference in the sensitivity of the paws of dogs of different breeds, but the dogs who spend more time on rough surfaces have paws that have less sensitive pads. If your dog has hard paws, then this means that his paws are more sensitive.
  1. Look for paw irritation: If you want to know that dog is actually having pain due to his paws, then you should look for any type of paw irritation and discomfort. If your pet is having paw pad burns, then he will refuse to walk and might limp. Such dogs have paws having a peeled or blistered top layer. Also, your pet might be licking his/her paw pads too much that could cause secondary infections. Keep checking for any cracks and redness between the toes. In case you found any wound then it is suggested that you clean it with an antibacterial wash and even consult with the vet if needed.
  1. When does your pet need shoes?: You need to consider the weather in your city in your locality in order to find out if your dog needs shoes or not. When you are taking your dog out check on what type of surface he walks on a usual basis. There might be broken glass pieces or rocks on the street that could lead to cut in your dog’s paws. Dog boots are generally popular for the winter season, but if you think that even in summers the roads around your locality aren’t safe for walking your dog, then get one pair for summers too.
    In winters the surfaces are extremely cold and if you ignore it, then your dog’s paws might get blisters or infection. A pair of printed dog shoes is definitely a good idea for winters. Also, you should wash the paws in warm water to rinse away any impurities.
    For summers you want to protect your dog from hot surfaces and this can be done by applying Vaseline on the paws. This way you can prevent any burns or blisters when your dog walks on hot pavement or sand.
    The age of a dog is also a fact that helps in deciding if your dog needs shoes or not. For example, senior dogs having arthritis needs shoes because they have a slow gait and need extra protection from extreme temperatures.
  1. Extra paw protection: You shouldn’t think that because you have got shoes for your dog, your job is done. You should get a good pad moisturizer to treat the dry and cracked paws. A vaseline is also a good option for this. Don’t use moisturizers in excessive amounts and avoid using human hand moisturizers, as these will make the pads extra soft and this way paws are more susceptible to injuries.
    Add paw massage in your dog’s routine; all you have to do is rub between the pads on the bottom of the paw. This will not only relax your dog but will also promote better blood circulation in his body.

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