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Dogs love winters because in this season they get more cuddles and could even share a blanket with you. Obviously considering the extreme changes in the temperature in the past few years, it is even more crucial to keep your dog protected. In this blog, we are going to talk about some winter care tips that you can follow to keep him warm in the winter.
It’s a big misconception amongst dog owners that because of the fur, the dogs can tolerate colder temperatures. Like us, winters can be hard on dogs too and it doesn’t matter if your dog has heavy fur, he still needs some extra care.

Let’s start with our tips: 

Considering the temperature:

The fact is that dogs are blessed with fur that usually keeps them warm, but different dogs have different types of fur. If you have a dog who has thin fur, then he needs a sweater or a hoodie to keep him protected while going outside. You can find a good quality jacket or sweater online, but I would say go for Pupreme brand as they have really good products when it comes to dog jackets and sweaters. This way you can protect them from frostbites on ears, feet, or tail. A comfortable jacket will prevent your dog from freezing temperatures.

Go for a walk when it’s sunny:

For working dog owners, it is not always possible to take the dog for walks at noon. But, try to go during sunny hours whenever possible and avoid early morning and late evening walks. Sun will obviously offer Vitamin D to both you and your dog, so why to miss it during winters.

Limit the time outdoors:

Dogs just love to be out and play in the fields, but during winters he might catch a cold, so it’s better to minimize the outdoor time. I don’t mean to just stop taking your dog out, but when the temperature drops try not to leave your dog outdoors. It’s always better to go out with your dog and when you are ready to come in bring your dog too.

Make his bedding cozy:

In winter you just can’t let your dog sleep on the cold floors. You need to ensure that the bed on which he sleeps is cozy and warm enough. There should be a warm blanket to create a snug environment for him and keep the bed raised so that your dog is off the cold tiles or concrete. You can also consider getting a heated pet bed if you have a puppy. Don’t forget to place the bed of your dog in a place where it is warm and heated enough.

Keep your dog protected from heaters:

Your dog might want to be nearer to the heater in order to stay warm. But don’t let him come too close to heating sources and try to avoid space heaters. Instead, you can get a baseboard radiator covers installed which will protect your dog from getting burned. If you have a fireplace, then it can be a major threat to your pet, so make sure the system is pet-proof.

Moisturize him:

Not just humans, but even the dogs need extra moisturization during winters, as cold weather can affect your pet’s skin too. You can prevent your pet from getting flaky and dry skin by either adding coat and skin supplement food in his diet or by moisturizing using coconut oil. Coconut oil is very healthy for the ears, paws, and tail of your dog and also keep his fur in good condition.

Don’t overfeed because it’s winters:

Your dog does need an extra layer, but that shouldn’t be of fat. The cold temperature outside will make your pet lazy and lethargic and thus he needs fewer calories now. Keep a check on the activity level of your dog and adjust calories wherever possible to prevent him from getting obese. Go for a raw meat-based diet, whole foods, and high-quality items that can ensure good energy and healthy coat even when it’s cold outside. Get your dog a funky Pupreme dog bowl in which he loves to eat.

Give him more liquid:

Just because there’s moisture in the air it doesn’t mean that your dog won’t get dehydrated. Make sure your pet has access to a water bowl all the time. He might won’t feel like drinking water; for that add a few drops of milk in the bowl and this way you can keep him hydrated.

These were the few tips that will help you in preventing your pet from getting cold when it’s wintertime. The only tip that you just can’t miss is keeping him layered all the time. Get him colorful coats and jackets and make him wear them all the time. You can find some good quality Pupreme jackets for your dog online at Doggyswagla. Visit now. 

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