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So, you just added a new member into your family, a dog, you must have selected the vet and got lots of packets of dog food. You must be excited to have him in your family and want to play with him all the time. But, have you thought about the accessories that he/she might need. You may have thought about some, but there are many and if you don’t want to let your dog feel that something is missing, check out our list.


Water and food bowls:

Now, this one is very obvious and this needs to be constantly there in your kitchen for your dog. There are a variety of bowls available, but you need to pick the one which has enough capacity to hold the meals of your dog, is very functional, have a good design and looks good to your dog too. I would suggest go for stainless steel bowls which are very practical and sturdy.

Dog crate pads:

A crate for your dog should be comfortable and feels homier to him. Don’t go for the one with metals or plastic base; there are cushioned pads available which are a better choice. On a crate your dog must be able to get a good sleep, and cushiony crate can help with that.

Dog ID tags:

So, you already got Swag dog harness, leash and collar for the outdoor adventures, but what about an ID tag. For puppies, this is very important, as in his initial days when the place is new for him, you don’t want him to be lost. Thus, adding a tag with contact information would help other contact you if he goes astray. You can pick a stainless steel one.

Clothes for your dog:

Doesn’t matter if you have a dainty toy dog or a big bruiser, in winters he would need more than his own fur coat. You can get a dog jacket for him to protect him from extreme temperatures. Also, for dogs who spend their time hiking the trail with you, then you need a jacket which is abrasion resistant.

Dog shoes:

Dogs are generally very active and with daily exercises their paws might show wear and tear. With a set of dog shoes you can keep his feet comfortable and would even help keep him on the go. The better choice would be to buy Dog Swag shoes, which are very cost effective and offers high quality. You can check their collection online. 


while buying the dog food, don’t forget to get the treats, as they are very helpful in training. When your dog will receive a treat every time he does something good, he would start differentiating between the right and wrong quickly. As an owner this is very beneficial for you.

Chew toys:

These are a necessity for a puppy, as dogs just love to chew things and small ones might chew on anything that can help in relieving the pain and itching caused due to teething. Thus, get some good hard chew toys for him beforehand.

Pet carrier bagpack:

Don’t you want to take your dog on trips or just need a companion sometimes? If yes, then a dog carrier bagpack is a must have. With a bagpack, you can carry your dog anywhere you want.

A raincoat:

At times, when it’s raining outside, you don’t have to postpone the walks with your dogs, as walking in rain is even more fun. All you have to do is get him a vinyl rain coat and walk happily in rains.

A dog harness:

A Swag Dog harness allows you to stylishly carry your dog around. Also, a harness doesn’t choke rather it just carries the weight, so it’s more comfortable for the dog too.

Plush toys:

We love dogs and they love cute and simple plush toys. We call dogs man’s best friend, but this best friend of yours needs some treats too like a soft toy that he can chew and cherish.

Dog seat belt:

This one isn’t a luxury, but one of the most important safety items because your dog kennel can’t fit in the backseat of the vehicle. Also, with a seat belt you don’t risk having your dog distract you while you’re driving or even get involved with an accident.

Brushes for your dog’s coat:

For the beautiful fur of your dog, you need a natural bristle brush that can keep his hair soft, untangled and healthy.

Dog Shampoo:

Fleas are a common condition in dogs; but with these they keep itching all the time and even causes hair fall. SO, you must have a dog shampoo that keeps his fur healthy and prevents fleas and ticks.


To buy all the above given dog accessories or more, you can check out the Puppy Swag collection at Doggy Swag Shop.

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