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DoggySwag was created by a small passionate team of individuals originatingĀ in Los Angeles, CA. They are dog owners who are ambitious and passionate about Dogs and Dog Fashion. They are Artists, Entrepreneur’s, fitness enthusiasts and wholesome animal lovers. Their motto, “Dogs are better than people!” Some of the team members own an Olde English Bulldog and a Maltese. Clothing for dogs has always been so underrated and almost always looked down upon in many peopleā€™s eyes over the years. The team set out to define the limits of K9 Fashion by creating DoggySwag. Although they agreed the word Swag was a popular term in the early 2000s and made popular by some Recording Artists, Swag still fits well in the Doggy world as dogs are incredible animals that will never go out of style and existence! Dogs are born with furĀ but not Swag! Join our family today!

DoggySwag also donates 5% of all profits to the ASPCA ( to help a pet in need. WeĀ believe thatĀ Dogs are just as important asĀ humans. WeĀ want all pets to be treated with the care and love they deserve! And that is part of our mission!!!