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Buying a dog harness is perhaps one of the most confusing things for dog owners. Dog owners have a lot of problems selecting the right harness for their dog. At times they end up selecting the incorrect size. In some cases, the harness is too uncomfortable for the dog to wear. Therefore, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind when buying a harness for your dog. These things will ensure that the harness is comfortable and durable as well:

Size Of the Harness

The sizing charts for all harnesses are not the same. It entirely depends on the type of harness you are buying. You may have measured your dog for a different type of harness. But if the second design is different, be sure to measure your dog once again. Some harnesses focus too much on your dog’s chest, while others may focus on his neck. Many websites that sell harnesses provide instructions to measure your dog. But if a sizing chart is not available, then it is best to not order from that website.

Comfortable Material

Harnesses are available in various materials. If your dog has a sensitive fur, then you should avoid going for the leather harness. These harnesses look great, but they could irritate your dog’s skin. For dogs with sensitive skin, it is best to stick to a padded nylon harness. This type of dog harness has many colors and designs. So, not only are nylon harnesses comfortable, but you get a lot more designs and colors to choose from.

Purpose of The Harness

It is extremely important to buy a harness considering your dog’s activity. There are many types of harnesses out there. Some are specifically meant for walks, while others are meant for heavy exercises and pulling. It is important to select the right harness or it may not last long or it may be too heavy for your dog.

If you require a harness for walks and just to go around with your dog, then you should select a lighter material. The lighter material is durable enough for normal walks. But if your dog is active, then you need a heavier harness. Many dog owners end up buying a heavier harness, but that is practically overkill. These harnesses may last a long time, but they are too heavy and uncomfortable for the dog.

Dog harnesses are meant to make your dog comfortable during walks. Therefore, it is best to do your research before investing in a dog harness. Rest assured, these tips will help you select the best harness for your dog.

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