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The frenzy of fashion weeks all over the world tells a lot about the effort brands put in to stay ahead of the fashion game. Each event welcomes a new wave of impressive styles which often trend hours or days later.

Keeping this in mind, it is easy to forget that these brands do not create awe-inspiring designs for humans alone. In fact, some of the world’s high-end brands do for dogs the same fashion magic they do for humans.

From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, there are many fashion brands that are ready to give your pup a celebrity look if you can afford it. To give your dog the style it deserves, here’s a list of classy doggy wears from the world’s leading brand that you might want to consider:


Gucci Dog Carrier

This is simply a dog carrier but by no means ordinary. This Gucci’s highly luxurious is nothing less than a carriage of celebrity-style swag for your canine friend every time you step out of the house. It is ideal for both long and short travels, and costs an interesting $2,600.

Frida Firenze Waste Bag carrier

You no longer have to pick up dog poop in an obnoxious container, neither do people have to identify the carrier. Coated in gold, it is easy for people to think your dog’s poop carrier is some sort of fancy bauble or exotic jewelry. It will cost you some $172, but it will give your dog the glamour it deserves. Hey. People wouldn’t even remember that your dog poops, and even if they do, its poop will be perceived as some “classy poop”

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

When you spend $2,690 on a dog carrier, you expect nothing less than the best quality and class out there. Interestingly, Louis Vuitton does no disappoint. At a first glance, no one would imagine the carrier was designed for a dog. Think about the amazement that will sweep people’s faces each time your canine buddy makes a grand appearance from the expensive fabrics of a world class brand. Only one word describes it – swag!

Ralph Lauren Dog Trench Coat

For dog owners who are not used to dressing up their dogs, it is quite simple to come to terms with the fact that there are hoods and bandanas designed specifically for dogs. But to think that there is a canine version of the classic trench coat is no doubt an impressive surprise. At just about $65, the brand gives your dog the swag of a western cowboy, which never gets out of vogue!


Barneys Le Roar Dog Bed

This round-shaped bed with dog silhouette imprints was designed to give your dog the nap of a lifetime every morning, noon and night. Whether you are looking at getting a bed for your dog’s house or a sofa-like fabric on which it can recline with you on a jolly good Sunday afternoon, this bed can serve the purpose, and it comes at $275. Fair price for a great doggy swag bed!


What next?

Are you ready to spoil your dog a little? Feel free to go for the classiest dog apparels from the world’s biggest fashion brands. Doggy swag doesn’t get any bigger!

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