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Dog lovers have over the years taken a keen interest in buying the perfect merchandise and accessories for their pooch. With the wide range of collection to choose from they do not even shy away from spending a few dollars on their dog. However, for some dog owners, their beloved pooch does not really need a pair of shoes. They feel a pair of printed dog shoes are just for looks and really don’t have any benefits. This notion is not correct as shoes play an important role in your dog’s overall health and well being.


Below we are going to have a look at a few reasons that suggest shoes are an important accessory for your dog.


For Outdoor Activities

Do you love going out with your dog hiking, running, or just having fun out in the sun? Definitely, you would! So, if you take your dog out bare feet, then its time you buy a nice pair of shoes for him. The shoes would protect your dog from any sort of injury that might happen while you are enjoying with him outside. Buy shoes that will provide some extra protection to their feet and the areas between them. You can explore the different dog shoe options that are available online. Depending on the size of the feet of your dog and the style that would best suit him you can buy a nice shoe pair.


Keeping Cool During Summer

Having shoes on the feet of your lovely pooch when the temperature starts to rise in the summer months will make him feel comfortable. Also, having shoes on them will make the summertime adventures a lot more adventurous! There are a lot of printed dog shoes that are available these days especially online that are pretty light weight and will look great on your pooch. You can even look for waterproof shoes that will allow you to jump along with your dog in the pool to enjoy the summer weather and beat the heat! This would mean along with the protection, shoes would enable you to have some fun with your lovely pooch.


Protect the Aging Paws and Body

As dogs begin to age, their paws also begin to show signs of wear and tear. Also, with aging, dogs start to suffer from a few health related issues. Often veterinarians also suggest putting on shoes with extra cushioning in order to provide dogs with the needed support. Putting shoes on dogs that get old makes them healthier and happy. In all, shoes act as a protective gear for dogs and ensure they stay fit and go about their daily activities in a better way.


Protection Against Winter Chills

Shoes are extremely important for dogs, especially in the winter months. They protect your dog’s claws from the snow that can build up between the hair. With the temperatures dropping the same snow can get converted to ice that might hurt the webbing between the toes or scrape their pads. Buying a pair of dog shoes that protect your pooch from the harsh winter weather and enable him to walk comfortably on ice would be a wise investment. Going for shoes that have rubber soles will provide your dog the needed support and make them feel comfortable.


Keeping Home Clean and Tidy

Along with taking care of your lovely dog, shoes also benefit you in a way by keeping your home clean. Houses that are built with hardwood floors or any other form of scratchable floor coverings can get damaged by the nails of a few dogs. In order to avoid such a situation, it is advisable to put on a nice pair of printed dog shoes on your pooch. Not only will your dog feel comfortable, but the shoes would also keep the flooring of your home in the best possible condition.


Summing Up

After having a read through the above points, you would definitely want to invest in buying a new pair of shoes for your lovely pooch. This is an investment that will benefit your dog in the long run and take good care of his feet and overall well being.

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